3mm (1/8") Width-Kangaroo Leather Lacing

3mm (1/8") Width Kangaroo Lacing, Thin Leather Lacing, Flat Leather Lacing, Buckstitching

-Licensed USA Small Business

-Imported Direct from Packer Leather & Birdsall Leather Tannery in Australia

-Wholesale and Custom ordering of Hides and other lacing options available

-Licensed Importer


1-100 Meters of Kangaroo Leather Laces, buckstitching lace, leather lace, leather lacing, flat lacing

25, 50 and 100m lengths are loaded on a spool for your convenience and ease of use.

All our Leather is fresh, stored properly and cut from the spool to order.

Authentic Packer Leather from Packer Leather Tannery Australia. The highest grade and quality available worldwide

Kangaroo leather is weight for weight the strongest leather available.
Naturally thin and soft, kangaroo leather retains all it strength where other raw material types require heavy splitting and shaving which significantly reduces physical performance.
The unique properties of kangaroo fibre structure are further enhanced through Packer leathers innovative processing techniques.

Kangaroo lace is a natural product from a small hide, in order to form spools and longer lengths there are spliced seams. The seams are glued strong and with attention to detail and hardly noticeable. We only guarantee no seams on the 'by the meter' option. If we cut the seams out of all our longer orders it would take several attempts to find a piece that length with no seams and it would result in an incredible amount of waste of the animal and wasted environmental impact from shipping from clear across the globe just for it to end up in the garbage. Most customers are aware of this and plan their project accordingly. We try to utilize and not waste this this valuable natural resource and believe in conserving it so that it will be available for us all in the future to come with no shortages. If there is a seam at the beginning of the of your measurement we cut it out and start over, if it is at the middle or end we do not.