DaneCraft Leather shop was founded after dealing with the frustration as a braider to find reliable and fresh kangaroo lacing in a wide variety of options in the USA. We often received very dried out lace covered in cigarette smoke odor and very unreliable small selection. We could not offer our customers the options they wanted for our projects, which severely limited our options in designing which in turn hurt sales. 
Our lacing customers agreed and we now operate DaneCraft Leather Shop full time as our main focus and only priority. Our mission is to supply leatherworkers with the freshest lace with the most selection possible while still providing the customer service and attention a fully dedicated small business can offer. 

We order and restock our inventory every 2-4 weeks rather than buying numerous spools at a lower price to sit for very long periods until they sell. So that your lacing from us is as fresh as possible.  

  • STRONGEST AND MOST PREFERRED LACING-Kangaroo lace is the strongest and most preferred lacing for fine leather braiding and buckstitching projects. Kangaroo leather lace retains it strength from its fine grained horizontal fiber structure but yet is still soft and supple and a joy to work with. The best lace for buckstitching, braided dog show leads and collars, whip making, bolo ties, jewelry, horse tack, lanyards, model horse tack and a whole host of other uses. Naturally thin and soft, kangaroo leather retains all it strength where other raw material types require heavy splitting and shaving which significantly reduces physical performance
  • FRESHEST LEATHER-All our Leather is restocked every 2-4 weeks, fresh from the tanneries, rotated properly and stored in a climate and humidity controlled smoke-free environment away from light and dust and is freshly cut from the spool to order.©
  •  HUMANELY AND ETHICALLY HARVESTED-From Australia's very strictly regulated population control program to keep balance in the ecosystem and populations. Without predators, the population of some species grows out of check and destroys property and crops. The hides from these harvested animals is then utilized by the tanneries instead of going to waste in landfill sites which would pose a huge environmental problem. ©
  •  HIGHEST QUALITY KANGAROO LACING WORLDWIDE- From the prestigious Packer Leather and Birdsall Tanneries. 
Kangaroo leather lace is extremely strong. Its tight grain and beautiful appearance make it the perfect lace for any leatherwork. ©
  •  WEIGHT FOR WEIGHT THE STRONGEST LEATHER LACING-Due to its tightly grained horizontal fiber structure and naturally thin hide. ©
  •  SOFT AND FLEXIBLE-A joy to work with, very soft and supple for all your fine braiding and leather working projects. ©
  •  TIGHTLY GRAINED-Results in a very clean lacing product ©
  •  NATURALLY THIN-Kangaroo is best prized by leather workers for its soft, thin but yet very strong leather. No further splitting is needed for most projects. ©

We only import the highest grade and quality of Kangaroo Lacing available worldwide. ©

~Licensed Small Business

~Authorized Distributor and Importer of Kangaroo Leather

~Licensed by US Fish and Game

~Smoke Free Seller


Items are stored in a climate and humidity controlled environment away from light and dust and rotated properly, spools are pulled from the front and new ones placed in the rear. Inventory is replaced every 2-4 weeks.