Kangaroo Leather Lace-Kangaroo Leather-CLASSIC BRONZE METALLIC 2.5MM
Kangaroo Leather Lace-Kangaroo Leather-CLASSIC BRONZE METALLIC 2.5MM
  • Load image into Gallery viewer, Kangaroo Leather Lace-Kangaroo Leather-CLASSIC BRONZE METALLIC 2.5MM
  • Load image into Gallery viewer, Kangaroo Leather Lace-Kangaroo Leather-CLASSIC BRONZE METALLIC 2.5MM

Kangaroo Leather Lace-Kangaroo Leather-CLASSIC BRONZE METALLIC 2.5MM

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  2.5mm (3/32") ONLY

~Over 100 colors available in our shop! ~

Lacing is approximately 0.5 to 0.6mm thick. One meter is equal to 39.37 Inches

OPTIONS: BEVELING-This removes a 45 degree slice off the backside edges of the lacing, so that braid or knotwork is more seamless and smooth. A must for braided dog show leads and bolo ties, and preferred for necklaces and bracelets so that the braid is smooth and flush.

SPLITTING-This removes any minor inconsistencies in width throughout the entire length of the lace, or can remove thickness to your desired specifications for your project.

HUMANELY AND ETHICALLY HARVESTED-From Australia's very strictly regulated population control program that might otherwise go to waste and landfill sites which would pose a huge environmental problem. All our Leather is fresh from the tannery, stored properly in a climate controlled smoke-free environment and cut from the spool to order.

HIGHEST QUALITY KANGAROO LACING WORLDWIDE- From the prestigious Packer Leather Tannery, producing world class leather for 5 Generations. Kangaroo leather lace is extremely strong. Its tight grain and beautiful appearance make it the perfect lace for any leatherwork. Only 4% of hides pass the test for Packer Leather's Kangaroo Lacing. Then is further improved by Packer's innovative processing techniques.

WEIGHT FOR WEIGHT THE STRONGEST LEATHER LACING-Due to its tightly grained horizontal fiber structure and naturally thin hide.

SOFT AND FLEXIBLE-A joy to work with, very soft and supple for all your fine braiding and leather working projects.

TIGHTLY GRAINED-Results in a very clean lacing product

NATURALLY THIN-Kangaroo is best prized by leather workers for its soft, thin but yet very strong leather. No further splitting is needed for most projects.

Kangaroo lace is the strongest and most preferred lacing for fine leather braiding projects. Kangaroo leather lace retains it strength from its fine grained horizontal fiber structure but yet is still soft and supple and a joy to work with. The best lace for buckstitching, braided dog show leads and collars, whip making, bolo ties, jewelry, horse tack, hobby horse and a whole host of other uses. Kangaroo leather is weight for weight the strongest leather cording available. Naturally thin and soft, kangaroo leather retains all it strength where other raw material types require heavy splitting and shaving which significantly reduces physical performance.

We only import the highest grade and quality of Kangaroo Lacing available worldwide.

*If your lacing has what looks line lines or scratches, it is not a defect. It's just small loose particles on the edges of the freshly cut flesh side sticking to the hide side from being spooled, it wipes off with conditioner and a cloth. Kangaroo lacing is made from small hides with scars and defects removed, so there are intermittent seams. The seams are spliced together strongly with attention and care and barely noticeable. We only guarantee no seams in the ‘by the meter option’ as we would have 25% waste of each spool and would need to drastically raise prices from trying to find longer sections without a seam since we have no personal use for the scrap lacing.

~Licensed Small Business

~Authorized Distributor and Importer of Kangaroo Leather

~Licensed by Fish and Game

~Smoke Free Seller

~Items are stored in a climate controlled environment away from light and dust

*NOTE-There are no returns on beveled or split laces, or custom ordered odd lengths. Once laces are customized to your specifications they are no longer returnable. ~All orders that qualify for free shipping will be sent USPS first class unless a priority shipping upgrade is purchased. If you need to upgrade after you already placed your order and need assistance please let us know.